I wonder if I’ll fall sleep next to anyone ever again.

tanookiestee asked:
I know people have their bad days and it's difficult to work with but hey, I hope you cheer up soon :)

Thank you!

satansregurgitation asked:
so there's this bacteria that's in Florida's ocean waters that eats people alive, thought you should know because you fucking live there. so stay dry.

I fucking hate this place.

tanookiestee asked:
You should never feel under the weather because I'm sure you have a very nice smile that we would all love to see :3

Well I mean, everyone has their bad days.. But thank you.

Anonymous asked:
Well let's see those shitty selfies then

Who in their right mind would want to see that?

Anonymous asked:
Do you have a snapchat?

Non-dairy creamer is flammable.

Anonymous asked:
You should post more selfies you beautiful

I haven’t been feeling alright. Not feeling my hottest or anything… I’ll try.

Anonymous asked:
I bet you shower naked you naught you. You're probably naked under all that clothes, huh?

Oh my god, I can’t believe you would go on anon calling me out like this. I am a nice person. I can’t believe how mean you are. :c

Anonymous asked:
Hope you dont mind me sayin this but you are dropdead fuckin gorgeous. I would so smoke you out if i had the chance.

Aww that’s sweet, thank you!