ahsatan731, look, it u.

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love the way you french Inhale

THANK YOU! It’s just about the only “trick” I’ve perfected. Still need to work on ghosting, my rings and jellyfishies. :3

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I love your eye make up here where did you get your circle lenses they look so cute !

I got them from pinkyparadise.com!!!! thank you sooooooo much!! xx

Anonymous asked:
Whats it like to be praised/followed for your looks and anatomy and not your accomplishments or goals?

I don’t have any accomplishments or goals that I post on here lmfao. That’s stuff I haven’t even worked out all the kinks to yet.
And I’ve had [still have] body/self issues for a long time. So it’s pretty rad that there are a few people that think I look good.

rotcoh011 asked:
You are amazingly beautiful thank you for sharing you beauty with everyone on here I'm so happy that I came across your page I did see you had some snapchat pics up would you allow me to have your snapchat

You’re so kind and sweet, and I do not give out my snapchat, there is a small access fee [$15]. Only because it’s my own personal account I use with my friends and not work. :)
Love yer beard bb xx

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Bwahah are you latina ?

I’m p sure you’re the only one to correctly “race” me. Hahha congrats.

Anonymous asked:
Yo that anon was fucking stupid. Sorry you have to deal with that shit. You're a fucking boss. You're beautiful, strong and intelligent. And the anons that talk to you shit are assclowns. Stay high love ;)

Don’t be. None of what anyone can say can hurt me because I, or someone closer to me than some prick on anon, has already said much worse. They think they’re getting under my skin, but they can’t lol. Especially not with their incredibly poor literacy skills. 

~*Good vibes to you & all my non-assclown followers*~

gnight babes, i love you xx



Screw art!



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